What is frank and fearless advice, and how to give it

Victoria’s top bureaucrat Chris Eccles explains his approach on frank and fearless advice and when to speak truth to power.

Twelve months into the term of a new government is an opportune time to reflect on the nature of our services to the public and government from my vantage point as head of the Victorian Public Service.This is an interesting and challenging time to be a public servant:

  • There are growing expectations on government from the public to deliver quality services;
  • The governing environment is changing, by virtue of new applications of technology, round the clock media, the role of the cross benches in achieving legislative reforms, and a contestable market for policy advice; and
  • Increasing pressure on governments to respond to events and “just do something” to address a multitude of issues.

In the face of these challenges, the institutional role of the public sector and good public governance is paramount.

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