An enamel mug with a caption that says the adventure begins - signifying that change can be exciting

Embedding change

We lead transformation from within your organisation

We implement your restructure, new operating model or simply introduce new ways of working: collaboration, innovation, autonomous teams, working out loud, customer/client/human-centred design, agile government, genuine stakeholder engagement. 

We lead the change from within by being embedded in an interim leadership role within your organisation. 


An explosion of blue powdered paint signifying the burst of ideas during innovation workshops and hackathons

Innovation projects

Innovation, design thinking and behavioural insights - tools for a modern workplace

We lead and build capability in design, development and implementation of innovation projects. We also facilitate hackathons and innovation workshops, and deliver masterclasses and bootcamps in how to innovate and how to apply agile, design thinking and behavioural insights in a practical way.


A swirl of watercolours signifying the diversity of people during true engagement


Engage the right people, at the right time, in the right way - it matters

You've probably identified those who'll be impacted but do you know the real influencers? Have you considered staff groups, the range of community, business and government groups? Have you thought about crowd-sourcing ideas and testing with real people?

We'll work with you to identify all stakeholders and then develop a strategy to ensure they are informed, involved, enabled - and if necessary, influenced.


A simple white staircase signifying lean change

Lean change

Planning, delivery, coaching. Certified Lean Change Agent, working in partnership with the Agility Collective.

"Lean Change Managment is an action-biased collection of modern change management ideas, practices, and tools inspired by Agile, Lean, and Lean Startup thinking that have been designed to help your organisation keep pace with today’s torrid pace of change." Jason Little, author of the Lean Change methodology

Two lead pencils on a yellow background, signifying strategic and corporate planning, business development and marketing strategy

Business development

Developing your business or team doesn't need to be a burden on your busy workload - let us help

• Strategic and corporate planning
• Business and team development
• Full suite marketing - analysis, product development, social media, communications, PR

A water colour depicting a clock, birdhouse and bird signifying innovation and change

Hackathons, workshops and planning

Tailored services 

• Facilitating workshops, hackathons, business and corporate planning sessions
• Information sessions, keynote speaking
• Issues management, communications