Business development

Established or starting up - designing your business leads to success

• Strategic and business planning
• Organisational and operating model design
• Policy and program reform
• Marketing strategy
• Governance advice
• Technology / digital strategy
• Office 365 strategy and implementation.


Engage the right people, at the right time, in the right way - it matters

You've probably identified those who'll be impacted but do you know the real influencers? Have you considered staff groups, the range of community, business and government groups? Have you thought about crowd-sourcing ideas and testing with real people?

We'll work with you to identify all stakeholders and then develop a strategy to ensure they are informed, involved, enabled - and if necessary, influenced.

Tailored services

This stuff is tricky - let us jump right in and give you a hand 

• Innovation and transformation projects
• Lean change strategy
• Issues management, communications
• Interim / gig executive placements
• Facilitation:

  • business and corporate planning
  • workshops and hackathons
  • town halls and information sessions
  • emergency management forums
  • community consultations.

You need us because you...

  • have an important project or high-profile piece of work and need a leader with a steady hand and clear head
  • are a startup, creative or small organisation about to take the next step
  • need leadership or expertise you don't have within you current team
  • don't have enough people to get the work done and need a short-term executive to assist
  • are about to recruit and want to test what you need in the role by having someone act in it for a short time (for example, in a CEO or executive search)
  • are already recruiting but haven't quite landed the right person and need someone to sit in the position and keep the work going
  • are stuck and need someone to get things back on track
  • need a fresh, independent viewpoint.