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Technology and the future of work

Rapid advances in technology are making inroads in the workplace. What will this mean for the future of work? Economists, Adrian Peralta and Agustin Roitman share their insights. Many feel anxious about the impact of new technology on their jobs. This is not new. In fact, it dates back at least to the Luddites movement at the outset of […]

A society or just an economy?

Uschi Shreiber uses a human-centred design approach to test with real people, their level of awareness about whether their job could be replaced by technology Yesterday, on my way to Davos, I tried a little experiment about the future of work. With each worker I met, my question was: could his or her job be […]

Four predictions for the future of work

Stephane Kasriel CEO, Upwork I contemplate the future of work on a daily basis in both my professional and personal life. As a father of four children from four to 14 years old, and as a citizen of the world, I care about our future. As CEO of freelancing website Upwork, I am witnessing firsthand […]

Adapting to the speed of change

Is emotional resilience a skill that can be taught to help the next generation prepare for the unpredictable workplace of the future? By Kate Stanton, University of Melbourne As automation, globalisation and technological advances dramatically change the nature and availability of work – how do you prepare people for the jobs of the future? A […]

A man and a woman with binary digits across their faces signifying machine learning

Application not delegation: machine learning as a tool for better public policy

Machine learning, and the related but broader concept of ‘artificial intelligence’, sound magical on first encounter. David Diviny of Nous Group looks more closely and shows us there is no magic but a tool, when used well, that could form the basis of smart decisions.  Machine learning uses sophisticated algorithms and computing power to detect patterns in […]