About us

Liz Pommer

Hybrid workplace transition specialist

Kintsugi Advisory

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Helga Svendsen

Your go-to for governance

Consulting and Take On Board podcast

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Anne Nygaard Jedzini

International business development

Anne Nygaard Jedzini



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Don Sharples

Where trusted social data comes together

Populus Data

Helen Snitkovsky

Helen Snitkovsky

Agile and digital transformation

MH Solutions

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Miranda Douglas

Graphic design, strategy and training

Miranda Douglas Design

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Michelle Nicol

Digital and category strategy

The Social Producers

Working with Kintsugi Alliance gives you access to a network of specialists with deep expertise across all aspects of OX Design:

  • Strategic, corporate and business planning
  • Organisational, company and operating model design
  • Governance strategy and design
  • Data and business intelligence
  • Technology / digital strategy
  • Marketing and category strategy
  • Policy and program reform
  • Engagement (staff, customers, clients, stakeholders, government, community, membership)
  • Communications and issues management
  • Systems and processes
  • People: attract, recruit, retain
  • Interim/gig executive placements

Our values


Together we are stronger and smarter. Ideas developed by one person in isolation can be weak - collaborate, test with real people in real time, don't be afraid to ask questions. 

Sometimes you lead

Be a great role model. Don't be a yes person. Be frank and fearless, honest and bold with well-considered advice.

Sometimes you follow

Be open to new ideas. Listen, learn, be respectful of others.


Could this be done better, what does it mean to others, how will it work in the future? Learn something new.

Civic participation

If you don't like it - get involved - you can't stand on the sidelines and think you have a right to complain. "…by making a decision to stay out of politics, you are making the decision to allow others to shape politics and exert power over you…" Joan Kirner, Victorian Premier 1990-1992


Never take a shortcut with the world we live in - human beings rely on safe and clean water, air and land.


We're all different - deal with it, embrace it, use it. 

About our company and organisational structure

Kintsugi Alliance Pty Ltd is registered under the Corporations Act 2001, ACN 605 979 733

We are a small organisation with a network of specialists who can be convened at short notice for quick starts and larger projects.

All consultants have:

  • public liability and professional indemnity insurance
  • workers compensation registration
  • current national police checks
  • working with children approvals.

Procurement pre-approvals

We are pre-approved for procurement on the following registers and panels:

Interim placements

Some interim appointments require placement as a contractor or employee. You can engage us directly or through the following agencies: