Do Australian leaders have what it takes?

The largest survey of Australian business leadership in 20 years reveals that only 57 per cent of workplaces are achieving their profit targets. The Study of Australian Leadership (SAL) also found that executive managers are over-confident in their leadership ability.

Australian businesses are facing unprecedented levels of change that will only continue to escalate. From the shift of global economic power to Asia, to intensifying disruption from technology, as well as key demographic and cultural changes, business as it exists today will be almost unrecognisable in as little as 10 years. In the face of this, what do Australia’s leaders think are the critical challenges for their organisations? How well equipped are they to respond to the emerging challenges? Which aspects of their businesses are doing well, which are lagging, and do these differences in performance reflect leaders’ own practices and capabilities?

The Study of Australian Leadership (SAL) answers these and many other questions about business leadership and performance in Australia today. Conceived by the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Workplace Leadership (CWL), and supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Employment, SAL is the most comprehensive study of Australian leadership since the 1995 Karpin Report, and one of the largest studies of its kind in the world.

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By Dr Josh Healy and Andrew Bevitt,  Centre for Workplace Leadership.

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