A photo showing the underside of the bridge, highlighting the long-lasting foundations that have kept it solid over many years.

3 steps to laying foundations for growth

As a founder, you’re all about the big ideas, vision and accelerated growth to achieve global domination! You don’t have time, or even need, old-school planning and documents (that might just sit on a shelf). Yeah, we know. And we also know that’s what the other 90% of failed startups said too. So, why was […]


What it really means to be a strategic thinker

Strategic thinking feels like a vague, ungraspable buzzword business-types throw out to sound important. The truth: it’s literally child’s play. Dorie Clark explains in her LinkedIn Learning course, Strategic Thinking. When we are young, we question everything. Our favorite word when we are 2-years-old – why. And then, society smashes that out of us. “We spend a lot of our […]

Dish sponge and USA dollar note signifying money laundering

Disrupting corruption

Christine Lagarde explains the important role of the International Monetary Fund in dealing with corruption – it’s not just about getting the bad guys, it’s also crucial for our young people, the economy and society in general. Why does the IMF care so deeply about corruption? The reason is simple. The job of the IMF is […]

Do Australian leaders have what it takes?

The largest survey of Australian business leadership in 20 years reveals that only 57 per cent of workplaces are achieving their profit targets. The Study of Australian Leadership (SAL) also found that executive managers are over-confident in their leadership ability. Australian businesses are facing unprecedented levels of change that will only continue to escalate. From […]

Supporting Your Board to Meet the Challenges of the Future

Not for Profit boards require enhanced business, financial and investment skills to navigate the new challenges around the changing regulatory environment, according to independent assurance, tax and advisory firm, Grant Thornton which offers a checklist for financial competency. The past decade has seen increasing pressure being placed on directors of Not for Profit organisations in […]