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How to take better breaks at work

By Jessie Wood We all know it’s important to take breaks at work, but do you let yourself truly idle? Here’s how (and why) to take better breaks throughout your day. We’ve all heard how important it is to take breaks at work. We can only sit in front of a computer for so long […]

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Think inside the box for more effective brainstorms

We deconstruct the elements that lead to an effective brainstorm. Turns out, building in structure and constraints is key. Think back to the last brainstorm meeting you attended. Perhaps you scheduled it to tap into the collective creativity of your team—with high hopes of coming away with a truly great idea. But what actually happened? […]

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Gaining support for your ideas in the workplace

Try these steps when presenting your new ideas at work to get them approved and supported by your team members and leadership. Change isn’t easy for many people, which is why it’s often difficult to embrace new ideas in the workplace. But, as we all know, adapting to change and implementing new approaches can drive […]

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5 things you should do whilst engaging the community

Andrew Coulson lists 5 simple things you should be doing whilst you’re engaging the community to help you next time you are out and about. So you have read the blogs about how to do community engagement, you researched the processes and attended training on the tools and techniques. You may even have been a […]

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4 things to remember about stakeholder management

If you’re leading a big project, managing up is just as important as managing down. This article looks at 4 strategies for effective stakeholder management. When it comes to successfully shepherding high-profile projects to completion, managing up is just as important as managing down. Whether you’re working on a product launch, advertising campaign, or major purchase, […]

Do Australian leaders have what it takes?

The largest survey of Australian business leadership in 20 years reveals that only 57 per cent of workplaces are achieving their profit targets. The Study of Australian Leadership (SAL) also found that executive managers are over-confident in their leadership ability. Australian businesses are facing unprecedented levels of change that will only continue to escalate. From […]

Change Leadership: minimising the chaos of transformation

By Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson Perhaps the most difficult task you will face as a leader is leading complex, large-scale transformational change…successfully. The stakes are high in transformation, with both tremendous potential for ROI, and a huge cost of failure. The bad news: Research shows that most transformational changes fail to return their […]

How can agile government work better with the community?

A truly agile government is able to work with its community, listen and respond authentically yet still provide the leadership we expect. What does public participation look like if government is agile? Kintsugi Alliance is facilitating a workshop as part of the collaborative forum, Community and Stakeholder Engagement in the Australian Public Sector, being held […]

Govt to learn to manage brilliant, difficult workers if to innovate, Liz Pommer and Vicky Darling

If govt wants innovation, learn to manage the brilliant, difficult workers

Defence force’s structure, for example, doesn’t support someone who “lays on the outer”, says deputy chief of Air Force, Air Vice-Marshal Warren McDonald (pictured). Speaking at the Air Power Conference in Canberra, McDonald laid bare his concerns that disruptors — the very people most likely to have the innovation inspiration organisations are looking for — […]