Whose list are you on? Being seen by your stakeholders.

Stakeholder relationships are a two-way street. Your stakeholder engagement strategy should identify who you work with, who you want to work with and for what reasons. But you should also consider whose stakeholder list you might be on – and whose you need to be on. To establish and cement good relationships with the people […]

5 ways to refresh your government relationships

The 45th Parliament of Australia sits for the first time next week. A new Cabinet is in place and federal departments are focusing on new priorities. Now is the perfect time to refresh your government relations strategy and start working on those important new relationships. Here are some simple ideas to start: 1. Use the […]

Kintsugi Alliance

4 things to remember about stakeholder management

If you’re leading a big project, managing up is just as important as managing down. This article looks at 4 strategies for effective stakeholder management. When it comes to successfully shepherding high-profile projects to completion, managing up is just as important as managing down. Whether you’re working on a product launch, advertising campaign, or major purchase, […]

How can agile government work better with the community?

A truly agile government is able to work with its community, listen and respond authentically yet still provide the leadership we expect. What does public participation look like if government is agile? Kintsugi Alliance is facilitating a workshop as part of the collaborative forum, Community and Stakeholder Engagement in the Australian Public Sector, being held […]

Tortoise, slow thinking, Liz Pommer and Vicky Darling

Understanding slow and fast thinking – the keys to deliberative engagement

When presented with the facts, many people don’t automatically let go of their feelings or personal ideas. It is particularly easy in this era of rapid change, for some people to reach a conclusion based on their gut feeling rather than the evidence. To get genuine contributions from the public, community engagement practitioners need to […]