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The super gap is not just a woman’s issue

Uncertain work and low participation in the paid workforce will continue to result in a super gap – we need to have conversations now to work out a solution. In this article, AMP Managing Director of Superannuation Lara Bourguignon shares her personal insights on the super gap and puts forward a position that with changing […]

Educating girls and women to boost equality

The IMF points out that women are still not participating in the work force at the same rate as men. Schoolgirls in Valladolid, Mexico: Policies that focus on educating girls increase the likelihood that they will enter the labor force (photo: kertu_ee/iStock by Getty Images) Government policies have boosted women’s participation in the work force. […]

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Fair Play—Equal Laws for Equal Working Opportunity for Women | IMF Blog

Leveling the legal playing field for women holds real promise for the world—in both human and economic terms. Unfortunately, that promise remains largely ignored and its potential untapped. In too many countries, too many legal restrictions conspire against women to be economically active—to work. What can be done to remove these barriers?  A new study done by IMF economists […]


Do Women-only networking groups help or hurt female entrepreneurs?

In a small loft space in downtown New York City, 13 women sit cross-legged on cushions. A noise machine hums in the background. Small succulents and crystals line the room, along with overstuffed purses carrying laptops. At the center is Deborah Hanekamp–or Mama Medicine, as she is known–a healer-slash-entrepreneur in a muumuu who is guiding the women […]

Deloitte has decided diversity groups for minority employees are a relic of the past

Deloitte US has decided that it’s time to move past diversity groups focused on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or even veteranship, Bloomberg reported. Over the next 18 months, the accounting and consulting firm will phase out groups like the Women’s Initiative (WIN) and LGBT group Globe, and replacing them with “inclusion councils” where all employees are […]