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The super gap is not just a woman’s issue

Uncertain work and low participation in the paid workforce will continue to result in a super gap – we need to have conversations now to work out a solution. In this article, AMP Managing Director of Superannuation Lara Bourguignon shares her personal insights on the super gap and puts forward a position that with changing times, it’s not simply just about helping women.

“Our super system is built on the basic premise the more you put in the more you have to take out when you stop working.

My husband has been the primary carer for our two children. However, after 25 years of working as an ambulance officer, and having taken several career breaks to support our children and to help me lean in at work – we realised he had built up very little super.

This is a problem echoed around the dinner tables of families across Australia.

We know that it mainly impacts women, but as we break down gender stereotypes and change the ingrained views about the roles men and women play working and raising our young – we will find the retirement income gap becomes a bigger issue for men as well.”

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