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What only managers can do to keep employees engaged

It’s often assumed that employee engagement is HR’s responsibility. But there are certain things only managers can do to keep employees happy and engaged.

Prior to the industrial revolution, work was an activity that took place in fields and farmhouses. Then automated production moved an entire generation of workers from homesteads to factories. This was no easy commute; it was a paradigm shift. The former farmers became the first to experience the most enduring innovation of this era: the workplace.

It wasn’t love at first job-site. This was the empire of the foreman and workers had little rights. In this era of prolonged work shifts and poor labor conditions, a concept like employee engagement would have been pure science fiction.

Today, workers have more freedom to choose the kind of work they do, and demand a workplace that keeps them engaged. Is your workplace up to the challenge? Chances are, it’s not.

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