What people say

Liz Pommer and Vicky Darling

"Liz brings an infectious energy and enthusiasm to her work, and a sincere desire to build quality outcomes by shaping improvements at every step of the journey. Always looking for a new way to approach a project, Liz is a lively thinker who won't be stonewalled by convention."

Doug Galbraith
Manager, Workplace Relations


"Liz's pleasing leadership style and accommodating approach led to a massive support from the ground up [for Gold Coast Tourism's inaugural marketing campaign GCBazaar]. She is a great example of an executive translating strategy into implementation."

Pavan Bhatia
Chief Executive Officer
Hospitality, retail, tourism and property

"Given their ability, experience and superb track records I was delighted to see Liz Pommer and Vicky Darling establish Kintsugi Alliance. Clients who need assistance to achieve results through great analysis and strategy will benefit with Kintsugi as a trusted adviser and enabler."

Chief Executive Officer
Health regulator