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Are you adapting your leadership strategy as your start-up grows?

Unfortunately many leaders do not adapt their role as the business grows. Ron Ashkenas provides important insights into the importance of evolving. By Ron Ashkenas Pivoting from an initial product design or business model has become a given in the startup playbook. But even as startup leaders shift their businesses to meet a newly discovered […]

Adapting to the speed of change

Is emotional resilience a skill that can be taught to help the next generation prepare for the unpredictable workplace of the future? By Kate Stanton, University of Melbourne As automation, globalisation and technological advances dramatically change the nature and availability of work – how do you prepare people for the jobs of the future? A […]

Human-centered design made easy

Dave Thomsen wrote for wired about why human-centred design matters, but the more interesting part of the article is how to make it easy to do. Read on…   Ask the right questions If you’re struggling to generate ideas or stuck in a product rut, you’re probably asking the wrong questions. For example, at IDEO […]

Deloitte has decided diversity groups for minority employees are a relic of the past

Deloitte US has decided that it’s time to move past diversity groups focused on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or even veteranship, Bloomberg reported. Over the next 18 months, the accounting and consulting firm will phase out groups like the Women’s Initiative (WIN) and LGBT group Globe, and replacing them with “inclusion councils” where all employees are […]

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How to innovate in government

James O’Loghlin, from the ABC’s New Inventors show, took an hour during Public Sector Innovation Month to explain how to make innovation easy to do in government. An hour well spent – check it out.   Innovation Month Webstream