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Code ball, govt to replace 1500 websites with uber portal, Liz Pommer and Vicky Darling to replace 1500 government websites with an uber-portal

The federal government is to close down many of its more than 1500 websites, with the hope to offer an integrated coherent all of government service  through one mega portal website called The first alpha version of the website was released today by the Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation Angus Taylor and the Digital Transformation […]

How to be more productive, Liz Pommer and Vicky Darling

How To Actually Be More Productive, By The Guy Who Designed Facebook’s Productivity Tool

On Quora, the social question-and-answer site, a user asked: “What are some little-known productivity tips from various professions?” The most popular answer came from Justin Rosenstein (@rosenstein), who designed Facebook’s internal productivity tool and co-created the productivity software Asana.  Justin Rosenstein I’m a software developer, designer, and entrepreneur. I’m the co-founder of Asana, team productivity […]

Ditch new year resolutions, new horizons, Liz Pommer and Vicky Darling

Ditch the New Year resolutions

Did you start the year with a list of resolutions? Have you started ticking off your list or is it already becoming a nuisance? In the excitement of a new year, we often draft a list of changes that puts expectations onto ourselves that we’ll never really be able to fulfill and which becomes a burden […]

Kintsugi Creates Value and Beauty

In Japan, craftsmen practice the ancient art of kintsugi, or “golden joinery,” which is a method of restoring a broken object with lacquer. Organisations can apply this principle to their people, systems and processes to find value and new opportunities in what they already have.   How did you feel the last time a coffee […]

Reverse web image, govt must adapt, Liz Pommer and Vicky Darling

Reverse web and what government must do to adapt

What is the reverse web — and why do our agencies need to be on it? Dries Buytaert, a founding father of the open source movement, speaks exclusively. Governments and public agencies should begin thinking of themselves not as depositories of information for citizens to access at will, but instead reposition as technology platforms providing […]

Mini-publics linking citizens and elites in policy deliberations

Citizens’ juries are growing in Australia, but are usually divorced from decision-makers. A better design consciously couples mini-publics and elites. Modern politics is often characterised as a world of electoral sound bites and party competition, with few opportunities for informed public debate. But this is perhaps an unfair representation of what goes on at the […]

The Many Futures of Work: Harnessing Technological Change

Rapid technological change and its effects on the world of work have come to the forefront of public discussion in recent years. Whilst most people accept that these vast changes will rupture work as we know it, thinkers and commentators are divided on what this change will look like, and who will benefit. On one […]

What is frank and fearless advice, and how to give it

Victoria’s top bureaucrat Chris Eccles explains his approach on frank and fearless advice and when to speak truth to power. Twelve months into the term of a new government is an opportune time to reflect on the nature of our services to the public and government from my vantage point as head of the Victorian […]