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A group of three people interacting signifying the soft skills referred to in the article

Skills that matter in the public service

The future of work will rely more heavily on soft skills rather than technical expertise and it’s no different for public servants. At a recent gathering, Adam Fennessy shared some insights into the types of skills and ideas that matter in the public service now and into the future. Implementation – it’s all about the […]

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Disrupting corruption

Christine Lagarde explains the important role of the International Monetary Fund in dealing with corruption – it’s not just about getting the bad guys, it’s also crucial for our young people, the economy and society in general. Why does the IMF care so deeply about corruption? The reason is simple. The job of the IMF is […]

Scrabble tiles spelling out LinkedIn representing this blog on the relevance of LinkedIn for public servants

Work in government but no LinkedIn profile?

Do you really need a LinkedIn profile to function effectively in the public sector? Julian Bajkowski provides frank answers and tips that count. Every day across Australia, public services respond to broadly similar issues yet seemingly struggle to share their experiences and knowledge across borders or agencies. Whichever way you look at it, there’s a […]

Crushed cola can depicting Why consumers say no to clear cola but yes to green coffee

Why consumers say ‘no’ to clear cola, but ‘yes’ to green coffee

Why do some new products succeed and others spectacularly fail? It all has to do with consumer psychology – the same type of behavioural insight we can apply to public policy and organisational change. People may baulk at the idea of vitamin-enriched coffee or clear Pepsi because of their familiarity with these products – they […]

Liz Pommer

What We Got Wrong About Self-Management

People thrive with some certainty and structure – as the crew at discovered. When Buffer first moved to a self-management model, we moved to a completely flat structure. We just let loose and the message was “everyone go figure out what you want to do and work on, without too much guidance or leadership.” We talked […]

Human-centered design made easy

Dave Thomsen wrote for wired about why human-centred design matters, but the more interesting part of the article is how to make it easy to do. Read on…   Ask the right questions If you’re struggling to generate ideas or stuck in a product rut, you’re probably asking the wrong questions. For example, at IDEO […]

Deloitte has decided diversity groups for minority employees are a relic of the past

Deloitte US has decided that it’s time to move past diversity groups focused on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or even veteranship, Bloomberg reported. Over the next 18 months, the accounting and consulting firm will phase out groups like the Women’s Initiative (WIN) and LGBT group Globe, and replacing them with “inclusion councils” where all employees are […]

Liz Pommer

How to innovate in government

James O’Loghlin, from the ABC’s New Inventors show, took an hour during Public Sector Innovation Month to explain how to make innovation easy to do in government. An hour well spent – check it out.   Innovation Month Webstream

Kintsugi Alliance

Why are you self-sabotaging your productivity?

Time and time again, you are under deadline and you find yourself perusing Facebook or cleaning your desk instead of doing what you need to do. Here’s why you do it, and some suggestions to curb the behavior. Have you ever agonized over your inability to get enough done? The stress of feeling overwhelmed has […]