Five ways the future of work could change for women

The last generation saw a significant shift towards equality for women in the Australian workplace, but they remain under-represented in senior roles, earn less and don’t have as much superannuation. So, what could the future of work look like for women? By Victoria George, University of Melbourne According to the World Economic Forum, it will […]

Four predictions for the future of work

Stephane Kasriel CEO, Upwork I contemplate the future of work on a daily basis in both my professional and personal life. As a father of four children from four to 14 years old, and as a citizen of the world, I care about our future. As CEO of freelancing website Upwork, I am witnessing firsthand […]

Why coaching, not gadgets, is key to getting the most out of employees

The dean of the Sydney Business School at the University of Wollongong explains the virtues of coaching rather than commanding. Research shows this leadership style can improve productivity, engagement and customer service. Forget the gadgets and “lifehacks” to increase productivity, my research with Julia Milner shows that managers need to become coaches to get the best out of their […]

Co-design, collaboration, engagement: don’t just throw trendy words around

There’s a lot of hope that more collaborative ways of developing public policy can vastly improve outcomes but these approaches are nothing without ministerial support. Public trust also requires authenticity, so don’t say it’s co-design if it isn’t. It was in the final minutes of this year’s IPAA national conference on “building public trust” that […]

Adapting to the speed of change

Is emotional resilience a skill that can be taught to help the next generation prepare for the unpredictable workplace of the future? By Kate Stanton, University of Melbourne As automation, globalisation and technological advances dramatically change the nature and availability of work – how do you prepare people for the jobs of the future? A […]