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Multitasking isn’t making you more efficient, it’s frying your attention span

We all suffer from the digital-age version of life’s “full catastrophe”: incoming emails, pressing texts, phone messages, and more, storming in all at once – not to mention the Facebook posts, Instagrams, and all such urgent memos from our personal universe of social media. Given the ubiquity of smartphones and such devices, people today seem […]

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Insurers get practical about becoming customer centric

While insurance CEOs are well aware that their organization’s survival depends on their ability to reorient their business around the customer, few feel they have made the necessary progress towards becoming truly customer centric, according to KPMG’s 2017 CEO Outlook. A great deal of money, time and effort has been invested into various transformation initiatives and […]


How tech is personalizing the event experience

In today’s smartphone-centric world, we expect our experience of the world to be personalized. And your events should meet that expectation. A one-size-fits-all approach to your event won’t help you stand out in this experience-driven economy. With 9 out of 10 millennials having attended at least one event in the last year, you have to craft a truly […]

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Fair Play—Equal Laws for Equal Working Opportunity for Women | IMF Blog

Leveling the legal playing field for women holds real promise for the world—in both human and economic terms. Unfortunately, that promise remains largely ignored and its potential untapped. In too many countries, too many legal restrictions conspire against women to be economically active—to work. What can be done to remove these barriers?  A new study done by IMF economists […]


Employers, your idea about employee happiness is all wrong

When Google promoted a software engineer named Chade-Meng Tan to the role of “Jolly Good Fellow,” his career–and the entire culture of Silicon Valley–took a sharp turn. Meng, a cheerful employee valued for his motivational qualities, went from developing mobile search tools to spreading happiness across the organization. Happiness became his job. Google wasn’t the […]