The jobs of 2027

In 10 years jobs we’re familiar with now will change as new technologies impact on how we work. Professionals like nurses, architects, artists and farmers will all need new skillsets to keep up with the technological revolution Over the next decade, the way we do our jobs will change dramatically. The impact of new and […]

rosie the riveter

Stop trying to fix women — fix the system

The reasons for women’s under-representation in many senior roles across society is frequently debated, with some emphasising systemic barriers to advancement, while others argue it’s about the choices made by individuals. After reviewing international research and speaking to stakeholders close to the ground, the Victorian branch of the Institute of Public Administration Australia came to some “very clear […]

public servant

Public servants complaining to the media: ‘un-Australian’ or valid last resort?

Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett says it is “un-Australian” for public servants to complain to the media about how their department is being managed. His Health Minister Kim Hames calls it “highly disappointing and inappropriate” — even if the public servants in question are medical doctors who say their professional input was being ignored and […]

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Multitasking isn’t making you more efficient, it’s frying your attention span

We all suffer from the digital-age version of life’s “full catastrophe”: incoming emails, pressing texts, phone messages, and more, storming in all at once – not to mention the Facebook posts, Instagrams, and all such urgent memos from our personal universe of social media. Given the ubiquity of smartphones and such devices, people today seem […]