You can’t improvise good leadership. Influence it. 

Jacob Workman Art Markman articulated in a recent Harvard Business Review article  “…if we want to influence other people’s behaviour, we must make desirable behaviours easy and undesirable behaviours hard.” It is not a novel concept. Yet we rarely seem to follow such simple advice in our organisations. Most of us have used online portals […]

Responding to 21st century challenges requires 21st century leadership

In 1995, the Karpin Report delivered comprehensive insight into Australia’s workplace leadership and provided recommendations on how to best develop business leaders. The report recognised the need for a robust ‘enterprise culture’ and spoke of ‘leadership competencies’ beyond traditional management. Twenty years on, how are we going? It is no secret that Australian workplaces are […]

Why Nonprofits Should Not be Afraid of Risk

Lee Jones General Manager Squareweave In simple terms, nonprofits should not be afraid of risk, as the acceptance of risk offers the prospect of reward. Risk is why we invest our hard-earned cash in risky things like property and the stock market, instead of leaving it in the bank. Our risk appetite is a reflection […]

Five big challenges for Australian government

Australia’s former top bureaucrat, Terry Moran, has issued a call to arms for public servants: think big, get confident, face digital disruption and improve the sector’s capability or lose more ground to outsourcing. The greatest pleasure of my three years as IPAA national president has been the chance to meet and hear from public servants […]

How to foster innovation and creativity in the public sector

If necessity is the mother of invention, constraint must foster innovation. Given the constraints faced by Australian public servants, why aren’t our government departments the incubators of more new ideas? Writing for The Conversation earlier this year, David Cropley from the University of South Australia discussed the need for a strategic approach to developing creativity. […]