Deloitte has decided diversity groups for minority employees are a relic of the past

Deloitte US has decided that it’s time to move past diversity groups focused on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or even veteranship, Bloomberg reported. Over the next 18 months, the accounting and consulting firm will phase out groups like the Women’s Initiative (WIN) and LGBT group Globe, and replacing them with “inclusion councils” where all employees are […]

Liz Pommer

How to innovate in government

James O’Loghlin, from the ABC’s New Inventors show, took an hour during Public Sector Innovation Month to explain how to make innovation easy to do in government. An hour well spent – check it out.   Innovation Month Webstream

Kintsugi Alliance

Why are you self-sabotaging your productivity?

Time and time again, you are under deadline and you find yourself perusing Facebook or cleaning your desk instead of doing what you need to do. Here’s why you do it, and some suggestions to curb the behavior. Have you ever agonized over your inability to get enough done? The stress of feeling overwhelmed has […]

The psychology of change management

Companies can redesign their structure, their systems and processes but unless they can help their people change, they are just moving the same people with the same behaviours into a new reporting line. Emily Lawson and Colin Price unpack ways to change behaviour and attitudes in this story for McKinsey and Co. Companies can transform […]

Ten Ways to Get People to Change

A valuable checklist for change strategists by Morten T. Hansen in the Harvard Business Review. Don’t overlook his point that most leaders of change only use a few of these levers – use them all.   1. Embrace the power of one. One company I worked with posted 8 values and 12 competencies they wanted […]